Withdrawal centers

Withdrawal centers

Over 160 shops at your disposal!

Philip Watch is one of the leading companies in the precious metals trade in Italy, with over 150 sales points in the national territory. For this reason Philip Watch offers the possibility to collect the purchased products by choosing the store nearest you! You tell us where you are and we think of everything else! 

Choose your item, select the nearest collection point and wait for the email that will confirm when the product is available in the store. From that moment on, you can pick it up when it is most convenient, respecting the times of the chosen point of sale.

What are the advantages for you?

  • You are not bound by the Courier's timetable and you do not have any shipping costs. 
  • You can choose to pay directly at the store at the time of collection.
  • Once you have viewed the chosen product, if it does not meet your expectations, you can decide not to proceed with the purchase.
  • You will be able to use the shop services such as measuring, engraving, changing and changing the strap.

Below read the guide to choosing your local store.;



  Search How does it work?
When you choose the option pick up in the retail store for the first time, the system will automatically look for the nearest retail store in the range of 50 km, using geolocation.
There is the chance that the geolocation tool will not be very precise; in that case you can use the search engine you find in this page to improve your results and choose the nearest retail store.

It won't be necessary to type the complete address: you can search also by zip code, city or region;
after pressing the button SEARCH the system will display - in a list and on an interactive map - the nearest retail stores available.

All stores near you

Store info Distance Actions
Warning: there are no stores within 50 km from the indicated area; try to refine your search by typing the name of your town or nearest city.

All stores near you